Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Sims 4 - Ultimate Sim Challenge: Season 01 - Episode 13

Day 14, Saturday:

Oops!! Isabella passed out before I could get her to bed!

Isabella is in desperate need of a hot shower, but she's going to nap here then dig up that gem in the back so she can build her house!!! 

Hurray!!!!!! Isabella can now travel HOME to her lot and build a house!!! She is excited, even though she is uncomfortable!!  ;)

Isabella's new home!!  

All her items from her career must be kept. So she set up her computer, her comfy chair and her picture from work.  I wanted to have a few spare simoleons for when the bills come in, so we only "finished" the outside walls.  We still need landscaping, and inside is still in need of wallcoverings, etc.  But she has everything she needs to be happy & comfy now!! :) 

First time in her OWN SHOWER!! Woot woot!

Sleeping in a REAL bed!!!

Making food in her own kitchen.  Isabella is VERY excited!

Eating in her comfy chair! :)

I put all her mounted fish on the wall, we will get rid of them after the collection is complete.

Isabella is very excited to cook on her own stove in her own home!!  Frying up some grilled cheese! 

Good Night Isabella! See you in the morning for work!

Accomplishments and Progress for today:

Active Collections:
Crystals: No new crystals today. 

Fishing: No new fish today.

Aspiration Progress:
No progress today.

Work Progress:
No Work today.

1,046 After building a home! :)

Let me know in the comments if you are joining me in this challenge! I'd love to hear from you!

God Bless you & always remember: Jesus loves you!

Where I got the idea:

My friend Kimberly, started this challenge in August 2016 on her channel. Her youtube channel is SockBunny Sims and can be found here:


You can find her Ultimate Sim Challenge here:



Sims 4 Gallery: Shannon4J
Origin: Shannon4J
EA: Shannon4J

Sims 3 Page: http://mypage.thesims3.com/

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