Friday, November 18, 2016

The Sims 4 - Ultimate Sim Challenge: Season 01 - Episode 08

Day 9, Monday:

Up early! First thought is grilled fruit! 

Isabella is multi-tasking!  Paying her bills online while grilling her fruit.  :)

So hungry & grungy, but still thinking about writing for work!  Such a trooper, Isabella!! :)

She's so happy to have her grilled fruit!

Savoring the aroma!  Oblivious to her own, uh, shall we say "unique" aroma!? :)

"Oh, I could really go for a Value Meal right now!"   LOL  Good one Isabella!!  

Cleaned up & trying to get some writing in before leaving for work! 

We really need to get that house built!  Taking care of needs is taking up valuable time! LOL  She is only 50% ready for work, and uninspired.  :(  Next time we will do better! 

Yay! She got a promotion!!!!  Great job Isabella!!!   Now, let's go get cleaned up!

All cleaned up, a nice change of clothes, and a nice new hairdo.  Isabella is ready to grab some food and get writing!

Isabella goes out behind the Gym to look for food, nobody has left any, so she puts on some burgers.  ... Sims are a hoot!  She's grilling burgers thinking of steak!  Isabella, you crack me up!! LOL

Great job! Level 3 cooking!

Those burgers look yummy!! 

Cracking my whip! Getting the writing done early!

Good thing we saved the leftovers this time, Isabella is HUNGRY!!

Chatting with Bobbie, the Librarian over dinner.

I'd say Isabella had a GREAT day!!!  Promotion, and going to bed with pretty good needs! All green except sleep. Way to go Isabella!!

We have some items in Inventory from Isabella's promotions!  She cannot use them yet though!

Accomplishments and Progress for today:

Active Collections:
None, only worked on career.

Aspiration Progress:
None, only worked on career.

Work Progress:
Promoted to Level 4!  And all Tasks COMPLETE for the day!


Let me know in the comments if you are joining me in this challenge! I'd love to hear from you!

God Bless you & always remember: Jesus loves you!


Where I got the idea:

My friend Kimberly, started this challenge in August 2016 on her channel. Her youtube channel is SockBunny Sims and can be found here:

You can find her Ultimate Sim Challenge here:


Sims 4 Gallery: Shannon4J

Origin: Shannon4J

EA: Shannon4J

Sims 3 Page:

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