Monday, November 21, 2016

Sims 3 - Adventures With Fluffy: Episode 01

One day Fluffy asked her mommy to teach her to hunt.  

Fluffy learned very fast because she was very smart!  Already at Level 2 of hunting!  :)

Fluffy ventures out to try out her new hunting skills.  

She finds a nice gem right away!!

 But wait! What is that!? A Unicorn!?  

Fluffy is so excited to meet a real unicorn!!!

The moon was bright and Fluffy and the Unicorn were howling together. It was very exciting for Fluffy!  Apparently, the Unicorn was looking for  ...  a ... parrot? 

It must be a tricky Unicorn, look at what she did to Fluffy!! 

Suddenly a rainbow appears and the Unicorn soon disappears!

Fluffy runs home and shows Mommy the gem she found!

Oh the life! Fluffy gets a belly rub.

Being brushed

Fluffy decides to get some sleep after all that hunting and unicorn excitement!!  She might be hungry because she's dreaming about Turkey!! :)

Good night Fluffy! 

God Bless you & always remember: Jesus loves you!
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