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Sims 3 - The Genteel Sisters: A New Beginning: Episode 01

Sims 3 - The Genteel Sisters: A New Beginning: Episode 01

Thank you for stopping by!!  I decided to revisit the Genteel Sisters here rather than video format.
We will follow Faith and Hope Genteel through level 10 of their careers.  They have both achieved their Lifetime Wishes and I ended the series on YouTube.  I hope you enjoy this New Beginning Series!! :)

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If you are not familiar with The Genteel Sisters, please click here -->Click Me to see Genteel Sisters Series  and watch the YouTube series to catch up with where our sisters are today! 

I decided to have Hope and Faith live separately since it is easier with less sims to control.  :)  I went ahead and moved them into new homes.  

We will start by controlling Faith's family this time.  :)
I built a home with the blueprints and recolored a few things, but mostly left it as is. :) Yes, we did get Bonehilda!! :)  #Obsessed  Here is their new home:
  Here is overview of inside:

Everybody is exhausted, lots of sleeping going on.  

Faith is making a Birthday cake for Nichole. 

Creepy gnome in the front yard!

Peeping dog! How funny!! 

Bonehilda teaching Widget a trick!  She dedicates a lot of her time to teaching the pets tricks! #ILoveBonehilda  :)  

Jake hiding in the fish hideout. 

Birthday Party time!!  Look who came to the party, our old neighbor, my simself! :)  And Hope came over too!! :)

Randomly, my daughter's SimFamily showed up across the street! The kids have all aged up to teenagers except Lilly! In real life Owen is younger than Lilly.  This is weird. From left to right, their names and real life ages:  Haylea (9), Jonny (6), Cathy (Momma of kids, also my daughter in real life), Owen (baby - 1), Sarah (8), Kaelynn (4), David (Daddy of kids, Cathy's husband, also my son-in-law in real life), Lilly (3)

Back to the Birthday party!  Nichole is about to age up!

A shiny new toddler!! Happy Birthday Nichole!! :)

Time for everyone to celebrate with cake!  

This episode was taken up with moving, building their home and aging up Nichole.  Next time we will work on  careers!  With that we will call it a day!  See you next time! :)

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