Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sims 3 - CHALLENGE: Asylum: Episode 18

Insane Sims:
Willow Field: Only Playable Sim
Terrell Flint
Carilyn Wade
Clay Pepper
Marilyn Wade
Adrian Richardson
Windy Young
Victoria Jack
Dog: Rose
Origin: Shannon4J
EA: Shannon4J
Sims 3 Page: http://mypage.thesims3.com/mypage/Shannon4J
Blogger: http://cleansimmer.blogspot.com/
Where I found the Rules for this Challenge:
Quote of the Day:
You can only control your own attitude and actions. Trying to control more leads to frustration. Let go and let God!
To find more quotes of the day: https://www.facebook.com/MyPositivePrayers
Music for Intro and Outro: Royalty Free Music, song called "Inspired".
CleanSimmer is sponsored by: http://www.positiveprayers.com/

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