Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rules for Mooch to Millionaire Challenge!!

This Challenge is inspired by my friend Kimberly (Sockbunny Sims) and her Dumpster Diving Challenge.  You can find her Let's Play Challenge here:

This happy couple lived in a beautiful mansion in Oasis Landing until a BAD experience in a dreampod threw them both simultaneously into the past in a strange land called Sunset Valley!  They only had a few items with them and they desperately needed to get back to their own world as they had a child that somehow didn't get thrown to Sunset Valley with them!!!  They must save and scrimp enough Simoleons to get back to Oasis Landing and re-claim their child and their mansion!!!

The Goal is to save up $300,000 Simoleons to be able to travel back to Oasis Landing and buy or build a Mansion.  Then they have to find their child and bring him/her home to their mansion.  The child was given to social services when it was discovered that the child had been "abandoned", so you must adopt the child back into your home.  You must have a basic home built on your empty lot before you can go back to Oasis Landing.  
Your home must include the following (they can be as cheap or expensive as you wish):  
Double Bed
Stove (fire alarm is optional, but recommended)
Shower or bathtub
Light for each room.  A 1 room house is fine since they are married & don't need privacy for the toilet & shower, but may need a separate room if they invite guests over.
walls and floors need to be finished (free coverings are fine)

Any extras are fine, it just takes $$ away from your savings!!

Gameplay Rules:

First, obviously, you will need Into the Future Expansion Pack to play this Challenge!

Start with 2 married sims.  Any traits are fine, I suggest mooch as one so they can mooch food and Simoleons from people.  Any Lifetime wish is fine, I suggest Swimming in Cash, or Living in the Lap of Luxury as they will easily achieve either of these on their way back to the Future! :)

I have celebrities & all supernaturals turned off, having them on is up to you.  Aging is up to you, mine is at 132 Sim Days.    Also, they both should get a Death Flower from the graveyard ASAP, just in case!  They MUST get back to Oasis Landing before becoming adults, so I would suggest planting some lifefruits so they can eat them every day or so to keep them from aging, as it will take quite a while to save up the Simoleons!! :)

They start on an empty lot with each of them purchasing a sleeping bag, a tent, a jetpack, and a hovercraft, A multitab is awesome as well!!  A portable firepit to to cook and warm up in winter is fine too.   All their clothes should be from the Into the Future Expansion pack (base game is fine if an item isn't available in ITF)  Also use a Future Hairdo  :)

After purchasing the items, put the time portal into family inventory and set family funds to $0

They cannot get jobs or professions, they get all their monies by dumpster diving, selling rocks, bugs, flowers, fish, and mooching from people.  Gardening is also fine, even harvesting wild plants and selling them is fine.  They can each dumpster dive 3 times each per day.  It's good to keep track of each day so they don't miss a day.  They may not buy lottery tickets.

They should use their jetpacks or hovercrafts to travel, rather than a taxi.  They are used to that means of transportation, even though they have to re-learn to use them since the gravity in Sunset Valley is different than Oasis Landing.  

They must acquire the Lifetime Wish Reward of:  Future Sim (10,000 points), to get their future phones. Strong Stomach (2,000 points) OR Simmunity (7,500 points) is the only Reward that can be purchased before Future Sim.   ***You cannot go to Oasis Landing without the Future Sim Reward and you cannot go to Emit Relevart at the Portal to get the Almanac of Time until you have your $300,000 Simoleons and your Future Sim Reward.***

They cannot buy any home items until they have the room built, but they can save it from dumpster diving.

No gift giving/receiving as they don’t know anybody here. :)

You can use edit town to add dumpsters that are diveable onto the junkyard, or any lot you wish. I wouldn’t suggest adding one to the home lot as that is all the sims will do and they are only allowed 3 per day each.   :)

They can use any public building's facilities to mooch a quick meal, use the toilet, shower, sleep.  The Firestation is perfect as it has beds, shower, kitchen, everything.  If they make friends, they can sleep at that friends house, but they must BOTH sleep there, they cannot sleep on different lots.   They must always be together, they are terrified of being separated since they already lost their child.

I hope you enjoy this challenge with me!! :)

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